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What is this all about?
Modern day medicine has evolved a series of very precise testing procedures that can see beyond skin and flesh and into the inner workings of the body.

Long before arriving at our clinics, most patients have had numerous blood tests done to explore their health issues. Regardless of how closely the results fit into the normal reference ranges, and whether or not they have a named condition, the information from those test results can be put to use in the Chinese medicine clinic. Paying attention to blood tests can assist a Chinese Medicine practitioner to have clarity where perhaps a clear treatment approach is not apparent. Reviewing changes in blood tests once treatment has commenced can allow a practitioner to confirm their chosen treatment approach is valid and effective, or can assist in understanding where their treatment protocol might be flawed. 

Essentially, the book and the app are tools to help you to lift your skills and elevate your practice to the next level. Getting awesome results for our patients is what this is all about, and the book and the app will help you to achieve this.

About the book
With a depth of information compiled over 4 years, Clare has written the Pathology Results book so that there is finally a wealth of information for practitioners to be able to interpreting pathology results into a useful clinical approach. It will give you the information you need to have confidence when interpreting your patient’s blood test results into the language of Chinese medicine and then into a useful treatment protocol. Clare has carefully developed this information with a modern day practitioner in mind, in order to provide an interface between Chinese medicine and modern medicine pathology results. It is a comprehensive text that covers all aspects of the process of looking at blood test results right the way through to forming a diagnosis and developing a treatment.

This text explores each test in detail, looking at the significance of the test from a Western medicine point of view and from a functional medicine point of view. This information is then discussed from a Chinese medicine point of view, with analysis and discussion of signs and symptoms and presenting patterns that you are likely to see in patients with non-ideal results.

About the app
As a companion to the full text Pathology Results, Clare has also created an app that will act as the ultimate clinic reference to have beside you as you look over your patient's pathology results. It will assist you to gain confidence when interpreting your patient’s blood test results into the language of Chinese medicine and then into a useful treatment protocol. Discover the ideal reference ranges of common blood tests and the disharmonies that are seen with abnormal levels. Use this information to inform your treatment prescriptions and to verify the effectiveness of your treatment approach. You can find the app in the iTunes store. Android version will be coming soon.

About the Author
Clare Pyers is a practitioner with 15 years experience as a Chinese medicine practitioner in Melbourne, Australia. She has a passion for translating between the terminology of Western medicine and the language of Chinese medicine. She feels there is a lot of overlap between ancient Chinese medicine theory and modern medicine scientific understanding of the body. 

Clare has undertaken further study with ACNEM on integrative medicine, and has continued to explore the energetics of common supplements and nutrients throughout her years clinical practice. She has also studied with the Mindd Foundation on the use of nutritional and naturopathic approaches to the treatment of mental health issues and behavioural challenges in children and adults. She regularly attends nutritional, naturopathic and Chinese medicine training, and enjoys creating a workable clinical interface between the paradigms of conventional medicine, natural medicine and Chinese medicine. She also manages to juggle running a busy multi practitioner clinic, seeing patients and spending time with her family. 

The app and forthcoming book Pathology Results are a representation of Clare’s unique in depth knowledge and passion on the interface between modern medicine and Chinese medicine. 

The app is now available in the Apple iTunes store . Other platforms to come in late 2018.

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